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1:15pm to 9:30pm Mon - Thu
3:00pm to 8:00pm Fri
4 Mollison Street, West End, Qld 4101
Ph: 0450 832 623 (0450 U DANCE)

$25 Sampler Pack

Take your first two private lessons and a practice class for $25.  Book your Sampler Pack here.

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Our next Gala Ball is on 07 May 2016.  Click here for full details and to book your tickets.
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Standard Wedding Pack

The Standard Wedding Pack is a course of six private lessons for $525 (16.7% discount).

If your main aim is to dance without embarrassing yourself, this is the lesson pack for you.  We'll put together a dance which is lovely to watch but simple to do, and which won't take heaps of practice outside your lessons.

On your first two lessons, you'll learn a handful of moves in the dance that best suits your chosen music.  This gives the two of you something to practice together, and gives your teacher an idea of what you find easy and what you like best.

On the next two lessons, you'll learn a fixed sequence that uses those steps and which is tailored to match your piece of music.

On the last two lessons, you'll get to practice and polish your dance - the aim is for you to know it so well that it feels easy.   Your teacher will also help you to use the beginning of the music to get from your table (or wherever you'll be at your reception) to the dance floor, and will give you an easily recognisable finish for your dance.

Some couples feel they'd like just one or two more lessons for practice before their wedding, which is very easy for us to arrange for you.  And if you'd like to learn more and explore some other dances, we'd love you to enrol on a Sampler and Planner Pack to do just that.

For some useful tips and general info about learning to dance for your wedding, have a look at I'm getting married! under the How Will We Teach You section on the Start Learning tab.