When and Where

1:15pm to 9:30pm Mon - Thu
3:00pm to 8:00pm Fri
4 Mollison Street, West End, Qld 4101
Ph: 0450 832 623 (0450 U DANCE)

$25 Sampler Pack

Take your first two private lessons and a practice class for $25.  Book your Sampler Pack here.

Book Gala Ball Tickets
Our next Gala Ball is on 07 May 2016.  Click here for full details and to book your tickets.
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Tailored Learning Plans

Once you've completed your initial lesson packs, your learning will progress according to a plan developed by your own teacher in collaboration with you.  Depending on why you start learning, you may start off with a Sampler Pack and a Planner Pack, or a Standard Wedding Pack and a Planner Pack, or with a Deluxe Wedding Pack.  Whatever way you start, your teacher will work with you to develop a plan for your continued learning.

As time goes on, your preferences and priorities may change, so your plan is always open to review.  We schedule review lessons every dozen private lessons as an opportunity for feedback in both directions.  We need you to give us feedback, to let us know how you feel about your progress, what you're enjoying most, what you're finding difficult, and so on.  We'll give you some feedback about your progress since the last review, with suggestions and recommendations to keep you moving forward and improving.

As you approach the later stages of your current learning plan, we'll again collaborate with you to develop a plan for the next stage of your learning.

We have a huge range of dances for you to choose from (see Dances We Teach), so we have the scope to give you good variety in your learning no matter what your preferences and aims.