When and Where

1:15pm to 9:30pm Mon - Thu
3:00pm to 8:00pm Fri
4 Mollison Street, West End, Qld 4101
Ph: 0450 832 623 (0450 U DANCE)

$25 Sampler Pack

Take your first two private lessons and a practice class for $25.  Book your Sampler Pack here.

Book Gala Ball Tickets
Our next Gala Ball is on 07 May 2016.  Click here for full details and to book your tickets.
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Lesson Packs

We have a selection of discounted lesson packs for new students.  If you simply want to learn to dance, you'll start off with a Sampler Pack and a Planner Pack, and then move on to a tailored learning plan.  If you're learning for your wedding or for some other one-off performing event, then you'd start with a Standard Wedding Pack (which you can follow up with a Planner Pack), or else with a Deluxe Wedding Pack.  To find out more about any lesson pack, click on its name below.

  • Sampler Pack

    Two private lessons and a practice class, where you meet three different dances for $25.  Book here.

  • Planner Pack

    A follow-on from the Sampler Pack.  Four private lessons, planning time, and three or four practice classes for $270.

  • Standard Wedding pack

    Six private lessons to learn a simple routine to perform, with an entrance and ending, choreographed to suit the space you'll dance in, the clothes you'll be wearing, and any other special requirements, for $450.

  • Deluxe Wedding Pack

    Fifteen private lessons, a choreographed routine, and loads of flexibility for $1080.

  • Tailored Learning Plans

    Planned for you personally, a selection of dances that suit your preferences, at a level that suits your experience, scheduled to suit your learning.  Price varies depending on the number of lessons planned.